On Balance 1kg Digital Scales (£20) – Weigh up to 1,000g to an accuracy of one decimal point (0.1g); 2 x AAA batteries included.

On Balance 3kg Digital Scales (£34) – Weigh up to 3,000g to an accuracy of one decimal point (0.1g); 9 volt battery included.


On Balance 200g Digital Scales (£22) – Weigh up to 200g to an accuracy of two decimal points (0.01g); 2 x AAA batteries included.


CHOOSING THE RIGHT SCALES:  Please check that the scales you are buying are suitable for your purposes. We sell scales that take loads (up to 3kg) to an accuracy of one decimal point, and scales that can weigh less at a time (up to 200g) to a higher accuracy of two decimal places. The latter are much more popular.

WE WILL CHECK YOUR SCALES:  All our digital scales come with batteries included, and are tested by us at the point of purchase to make sure they are functioning properly. We do this by placing a penny on the scales and checking that the number is not significantly different on a number of subsequent weighings, and that the figure returns, without drifting, to zero. Even with weighing something relatively light as a penny (3.5~3.6g), these fragile scales can sometimes produce different results. Differences of 0.03g or more when weighing a penny several times (on two-decimal-place scales) is not reliable enough and we will not sell you these scales.

PLEASE CHECK THEM YOURSELF:  After purchase, please carefully inspect and test your scales. If you are not satisfied with their functionality, please bring them back within 30 days, in their original condition and intact packaging, with the receipt, for a refund. We are under no obligation to refund working scales which show blatant signs of use (which will make a resale difficult for us), so do handle them with care until you decide to legally accept the purchase you have made and proceed with general usage. Please keep your receipt as proof of when and where purchased.

SUPPORT FOR TECHNICAL PROBLEMS:  If your scales malfunction – displaying error messages or inaccurate readings – please bring them back to the shop at any time and we will be happy to check them and see if we can resolve the issue. If they are simply not operating, please try replacing the batteries. The operating instructions with the scales will explain what various error messages mean. You may need to recalibrate the scales. We sell weights for this purpose, but we are also happy to recalibrate scales in the shop free of charge if you bring them in.

3-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:  Our supplier offers a 3-year warranty on the scales, which we are glad to facilitate. We will offer a refund or replacement of faulty scales, if returned with the receipt. However, defects created by neglect, misuse or abuse (such as overload or physical damage) are not covered. Furthermore, we will not accept scales back, or handle/recalibrate them, with any sign of contamination from illegal or dubious substances.


2016_Feb 14_Pan Scales

Traditional Pan Scales: 10g (£3.50), 50g (£4.50) and 100g (£5)

2016_Apr 15_Chinese Scales

100g Pan Scales (was £25, now £17.50) – with 50g, 2 x 20g, 10g and 5g weights; made in China.



Weights: 50g (£3.50), 100g (£4.50), 200g (£5.75), 500g (£7.50) and 1kg (£12)

Last updated: 16/5/2020