2015_Oct 09_Kaveri Mehendi Cone

Henna Tattoo Cone (£2)
Ready-to-use natural reddish brown mehendi (henna) paste in a cone; blended with oils and water, but no chemicals. Made in India. Each cone is sold with full detailed usage instructions compiled by us (see below).

2015_Oct 09_Kaveri Mehendi Cones

Box of 12 Kaveri Mehendi Cones (£20)


Henna Oil (£1)
A blend of high quality essential oils which help to attain deep and attractive shades of mehendi colour. For best results, cover your hand with 2-4 drops of this before applying the henna. Made in Delhi, India; 4ml. Contains: Terpineol and Citronella oil; no oxidizer, no Ammonia, p-phenylenediamine-free.

How to use

•    Wash the relevant parts of your body with soap.

•    Swabbing with Henna Oil prepares the skin well for absorption, and is useful for adhering stencils.

•    Pull out the pin, and apply the paste where desired.

•    After about 15-20 minutes, as the henna dries and begins to crack, you could apply more oil or a mixture of lemon juice and white sugar over the design to remoisten and ensure that the henna stains darker. Wait at least an hour from completion of the decoration for it to fully dry. Then peel off the dry paste, and wash gently with plain water. Avoid soap for excellent colour.

•    At this point you may wish to wrap the painted area with tissue, plastic, or medical tape – for two to six hours, or overnight – to lock in body heat, creating a more intense colour.

•    The colour will depend on the length of time the henna has been left on the skin, and will darken through oxidation over the next few days. The tattoo will fade gradually as your skin exfoliates, the time varying – depending on skin type, body temperature, lifestyle, and where it was applied – from one to three weeks. Occasional moisturising with natural oils will prolong the effect.


•    This product is all-natural, but may in certain cases cause an allergic reaction (think peanuts), and so a preliminary hyper-sensitivity test is recommended before each application. Apply a small quantity of paste, and leave for at least two hours, then rinse off. The henna can be considered safe to use if no irritation, inflammation or swelling is apparent after a further five hours.

•    Not for consumption. For external use only, and should not be used for dyeing lips, eyelashes or eyebrows. Avoid contact with eyes – if this happens, flush with water. Do not leave this cone in direct sunlight or where small hands may find it.


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Tattoo Stencils (£1 each)

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