Last updated: 22/8/2013

Here’s a deeply exciting treat, dear friends!

HITC swinging sign - HITC 3D logo fat Experience the magical caverns of Head In The Clouds

and the beautiful Norwich Lanes in 3D!

Cross your eyes until the two photos (captured about 20cm apart)

overlap and lock into a new third 3D shot in the middle!


2005_Dec 4_Dove Street 3D small
Dove Street, Norwich Lanes (4/12/2005)
2005_Dec 4_Lower Goat Lane 3D mini
Lower Goat Lane (4/12/2005)
2005_Dec 11_Head In The Clouds 3D mini
2005_Dec 11_Head In The Clouds gifts 3D mini
2005_Dec 11_Head In The Clouds grinders 3D mini
2008_Apr 27_Front room 3D
The orange sign in the centre reads “SHOPLIFTERS BEWARE! YOU ARE STEALING BAD KARMA, UGLY CHARACTER & MISERY. Get well soon…” (27/4/2008)
2008_Apr 27_Clothes room 3D 3
Wooooo! (27/4/2008)
2008_Apr 27_Clothes room 3D 2
Eye-tastic! (27/4/2008)
2008_Apr 27_Clothes room 3D 1
Stereo-licious! (27/4/2008)