2016_June 04_Tumbled Crystals

Fascinating shimmering gemstones in smooth tumbled form, mostly 85p each, some available in various sizes and prices.

Clear Quartz – Amplifies energy flow; fortifies nerves, brain, glands; alleviates pain and swelling; improves perceptive faculty, increases awareness and brings clarity and neutrality; improves memory and strengthens personal point of view.

Smoky Quartz – For relaxation, releasing tension; enhancing rational, realistic and pragmatic thought processes; helps with headaches, tense shoulders and back; relieves pains and strengthens the nerves.

Snow Quartz – White coarse quartz; support to discover your potential; objectivity; strengthening.

Strawberry Quartz – Soothes agitation and raises awareness; helps not to attach too much importance to oneself; improves humour.

Rose Quartz – Increases sensitivity and empathy; helps with sexual difficulties; clearly illuminates personal needs and the desires of others; harmonises heart beat and promotes strengthening of sexual organs and fertility.

Rutilated Quartz – Soothing and optimism with a sense of faraway freedom.

2016_June 04_Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye – Fibrous quartz; helps with stress; sharpens senses.

2016_June 04_Lionskin

Lionskin – A combination of Quartz and Golden Tiger Eye. Golden Tiger Eye is helpful for those seeking clarity, can be used to enhance psychic abilities, can assist in the gentle attunement of the Third Eye, often gives off a very earthy energy, balances yin-yang energies, can be used to stimulate wealth and maintain wealth, and produces soothing vibrations, generating calmness to unsettled turmoil. Quartz is a stone of amplification, which makes Lionskin a very powerful stone indeed! Fascinating and lovely to observe in the light due to their optical reflectance.

2016_June 04_Sunstone

Sunstone – A glittering brown feldspar, which has been found in Southern Norway, Sweden and in various United States localities. It is said to help dissipate fear and anxiety, and turn your attention to more optimistic, life-affirming outlooks.

2016_June 04_Turquoise

Turquoise – Harmonises, cheers, and protects from external influences; helps one recognise causes of happiness and unhappiness, and master them; helps with exhaustion, hyperacidity, rheumatism, gout, stomach pain and cramps.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Quartz – Encourages easygoingness; helps with nervousness, stress and sleep disorders; helps free from anxiety and roving thoughts; protects against heart attack and arteriosclerosis; alleviates rashes, inflammations, sunburn and stroke.


Citrine – Yellow crystal quartz; brings joy; a powerful cleanser; used for energy and abundance.

Amethyst – A form of quartz with a high spiritual vibration that enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation; brings alertness, impartiality, inner peace, awareness, sense of judgement, and constructive thinking and acting; helps overcome pain, grief and losses; good for the skin, alleviates pain and tension, and lowers high blood pressure.


Amegreen – Green Amethyst, aka Prasiolite; calming, spiritual, increasing your sense of love and empathy.

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper – Dyed, but naturally spotty. Also available in the natural off-white.

Zebra Jasper

Brown Zebra Jasper – Grounding, energising and motivating.

Picasso Jasper

Red Jasper

Red Jasper – Jasper containing hematite; brings courage, will power and energy.


Sodalite – Promotes peace and harmony, aids communication, stimulates endurance; associated with the thyroid.

Bronzite – Chain silicate of the pyroxene group; for inner composure; lends vigour and inner calm simultaneously, as well as regeneration from chronic exhaustion; helps retain a clear head and control under permanent stress; fortifies the nerves, releases cramps and relieves pain.


Carnelian – A variety of chalcedony containing traces of hematite; a stone of action, courage and stability, supporting all forms of activity, increasing vitality and good moods, activating sexual energy, and helping you to overcome apathy; promotes idealism, sense of community and pragmatism; activates the naval and solar plexus chakras and enhances the flow of life force; recommended for disorders of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, neuralgia and M.E..


Bloodstone – aka Heliotrope; green jasper with red spots; immunity and fortifying.

2016_June 04_Opal Chalcedony

Opal Chalcedony

2016_June 05_Magnesite

Magnesite – Magnesium carbonate; relaxes, relieves tension.

2016_June 04_Serpentine

Serpentine – aka New Jade; excellent for relaxing, meditating, balancing, and combating disease.



Amazonite – Potassium feldspar; harmonises, emotional balance.


Obsidian – Silver iridescent volcanic glass; sharpens senses and intellect.

Agate – A form of chalcedony, in many varieties and colours, exhibiting banded layers and unusual patterns; highly valued in ancient cultures, this is a popular talisman for protection, good fortune and good health; as it connects our intuition with the earth, it is excellent for dowsing and use in earth healing; promotes self-awareness; gives stamina, strength and durability.

Unakite tumblestones

Unakite – A stone of vision; balances emotions with spirituality; opens the third eye and promotes visualisation and psychic vision; provides grounding; supportive in recovery from major illness; brings a calm gentle energy to your environment, negating effects of electromagnetic pollution from TV sets.




Hematite – Iron oxide; willpower; fortifies.

Moonstone – Calms emotions; enhances intuition, empathy, lucid dreaming and psychic gifts.



2015_Nov 08_Black Onyx

Black Onyx

2015_Nov 08_Tourmilated Prehnite

Tourmilated Prehnite


Fluorite – Calcium fluoride; helps with learning and absorbing new ideas; aids creativity; brings order to chaos and inspires an expanded view; calms the over-excitable; attracts harmony and tranquillity; powerful healer – dissolves blockages, aids detox, and is good against flu, colds and sinus problems.

Labradorite – Coloured glittering feldspar; heightens imagination and creativity; sharpens intuition, gives emotional depth and mediumistic abilities; brings forgotten memories to light and helps in recognising illusions; reduces sensitivity to cold and blood pressure, and alleviates rheumatism and gout.

Please note: the alleged healing properties detailed above are collected and heavily abbreviated from various sources, and are by no means definitive or infallible. For more information, please seek out more information.

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