During August and September 2015, Head In The Clouds and our recently vacant sister shop Feet On The Ground became a drop-off point for donations of items for the people stuck in Calais.

2015_Sept 13_Refugee Collection 4

We collected an incredible amount of items.

2015_Sept 13_Refugee Collection 3

We want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed and spread the word. This was an astonishing and heart-warming experience. These wonderful gifts will have transformed the lives and circumstances of countless individuals and families struggling in Calais and beyond.

2015_Sept 13_Refugee Collection 2

Well done, Norfolk and people of Earth.

2015_Sept 13_Refugee Collection 5


If you want to donate, we recommend you first visit/join this Facebook group to find out more, see what is currently needed and where to take your donations.

And you can’t go wrong visiting the website of the UN Refugee Agency, “mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide.”


CLOTHES: Men’s outdoor appropriate clothing & footwear (trainers are ideal), socks & underwear (men’s & woman’s), gloves, hats, rain coats, ponchos. No women’s and children’s clothes needed; only 10% of the camp are women.

SHELTER: Tents, tarpaulin, umbrellas, insulation (e.g. ground sheets, rugs, carpet), rope, pallets, wood and shelving units, sleeping bags, blankets, duvets and pillows.

STORAGE & UTILITY: Backpacks & bags (useful to protect papers and store belongings), rolls of plastic bags, sturdy shopping bags, rubbish bags, litter pickers, pots, pans, plates, cups and cutlery.

COMFORT: Men’s and unisex/general toiletries, first aid items. Tampons are not required. Ornaments and decoration have been mentioned, as these people have fled their homes and belongings and may appreciate some colour and beauty to make their shelters more bearable and homelike.

DRINKS & FOOD: In tins and tetra packs, things that don’t need being kept fresh or cool or need cooking as fuel is in short supply – so no rice, pasta or meat.

Please give what you can if you are willing and able.

Please keep different types of goods separate (do not collate them into family portions); they can be better assigned and stored by charity groups such as CalAid in bulks of similar items.

Calais migrants

“What life is like in the Calais migrant ‘jungle’ – by young Brit who visited them” on The Mirror website.

Thank you.

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