Fantastic rainbow dresses, jumpers, trousers, hats and hair dye adorned by our funky staff during July/August 2014 to celebrate our 6th Norwich Pride!

2014_July 22_Rainbow top and trousers
2014_July 25_Rainbow clothes
2014_July 26_2807_Pride in the Clouds
2014_July 26_2809_Pride in the Clouds
2014_July 26_2814_Pride in the Clouds
2014_July 26_2818_Pride in the Clouds
2014_July 26_2801_Pride in the Clouds
2014_July 26_2803_Pride in the Clouds
2014_July 26_2821_Pride in the Clouds
2014_July 26_2822_Pride in the Clouds
2014_July 26_2823_Pride in the Clouds
2014_Aug 02_2834_Pride in the Clouds
2014_Aug 02_2841_Pride in the Clouds
2014_Aug 02_2842_Pride in the Clouds
2014_Aug 02_2843_Pride in the Clouds
2014_Aug 03_2849_Pride in the Clouds
2014_Aug 03_2855_Pride in the Clouds

Thanks to Gabriel, Philippa, Amy, Jake, Beth, Joanna and Jo – advocates of equality, love and peace.

NORWICH PRIDE is a celebration from the LGBT community for everyone. Our mission is to ensure that Norwich is a city where everyone can feel safe and proud to be themselves. Norwich Pride is a grass-roots, do-it-yourself celebration organised by a collective of friendly, creative & enthusiastic volunteers.”

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