Quintessential Smoking Tips (60p) – 45 chlorine-free rolling tips made of recycled paper.

Quintessential Organic Hemp-Coated Tips (60p) – 45 organic hemp-coated, chlorine-free tips.

Quintessential Pure Hemp Tips (60p) – 45 of the world’s finest 100% pure Hemp rolling tips, tree free and chlorine free.

Quintessential Organic Hemp-Coated Tips Maxi Pack (£1.80) – 4 x 45 organic hemp-coated, chlorine-free tips.

Quintessential Tips Ltd of Truro: “makers and purveyors of fine quality, environmentally conscious products.”

2016_Mar 16_Raw Tips

Raw Tips (60p): Regular and Wide [perforated] – 50 tips per pack; chemical and chlorine free; made from purest hemp and cotton fibres on an antique Fourdrinier paper machine in an old paper mill in Northern China – the only place Raw could find that still had one of these old machines in use, which they needed to make the special long-fibre paper for these tips.

Rizla Ultra Slim Filter Tips (75p)

Swan Slim Filter Tips (75p) – not pictured

Swan Extra Slim Filter Tips (75p)

Swan Menthol Extra Slim Filter Tips (85p)

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