Last updated: 30/6/2016

Soft Secrets – a free newspaper published in the Netherlands since 1995, for over 18s, of cannabis news, views and reviews, comic strips and adult content. New issues are usually available at Head In The Clouds from the last week of February, April, June, August, October and December.

We have enough issues for everyone, so come and grab yours.

2016_Soft Secrets Issue 3

And here are a few covers from recent years:

2016_Issue 2_Soft Secrets

2016_Issue 1_Soft Secrets

2015_Soft Secrets issue 6

2015_Issue 1_Soft Secrets

Soft Secrets 2014-6

Soft Secrets 2014-5

Soft Secrets 2014-4

Soft Secrets 2014-3

Soft Secrets, Issue 2 2014

Soft Secrets, Issue 1 2014

Soft Secrets, Issue 6 2013

Soft Secrets (Oct 2013)