Green Man sculptures are frequently found in carvings on buildings and are primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring.

These original Green Man plaques were sculpted, cast and hand-painted in Hastings by the SummerIsle Trading Company.

Made from a hard plaster compound called crystacal, and coated with a weatherproof varnish; they will be okay for outdoors, although we recommend you bring them inside during winter months or prolonged bad weather.

Each approximately 13 to 16 cm length/diameter (except where indicated).

2015_June 03_Green Man - Summerisle

Summerisle Green Man (£10)

2015_June 03_Green Man - Winking Ivy

Winking Ivy Green Man (£10)

2015_June 03_Green Man - Oak

Oak Green Man (£10)

2015_June 03_Green Man - Spring

Spring Green Man (£10)

2015_June 03_Green Man - Summer

Summer Green Man (£10)

2015_June 03_Green Man - Winter

Winter Green Man (£10)

2016_Apr 03_Hemp Green Man

Hemp Green Man (£10)

2015_Sept 23_Green Man Wheel of the Year

‘Jack In The Green’ Wheel Of The Year (£24) – features 4 wire loops on the back so you can rotate it at each Equinox; 27 cm diameter

That’s not all. Plenty more designs in the shop now . . .

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