Sterling Silver Studs (£1.50 each) – with sterling silver backings

2016_May 14_Studs 1

Hoops & Studs (£1 each) – Indian Silver hoops and studs; striped ball studs; spider and angel studs; dice and Sterling Silver studs – for nose and ear piercings.

2016_May 14_Studs 2

Studs (£1 each) – pin badge studs; neon-coloured and UV reactive silicone studs – for ear piercings

2016_May 14_Studs 3

Swarovski Stone Studs (£1 each) – premium cut glass studs – for ear piercings

2016_Apr 29_Magnetic Earrings

Magnetic Earring Studs (£1.50 per pair)

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