Clear Quartz Points (various sizes and prices available) – Amplifies energies and provides powerful healing.

Smoky Quartz Points (various sizes and prices available)

Amethyst Points (various sizes and prices available)

Pyrite - Fool's Gold

Pyrite (sizes and prices vary) – Known as Fool’s Gold, this brass-coloured iron sulphide is harnessed for vitality, positive manifestation, and auric harmony.

Pyrite Cubes (£1.50 each) – The cellular structure of Pyrite is cubic and this results in these remarkable natural crystal cubes of Fool’s Gold.


Calcite (£1.50 each) – Powerful amplifier and cleanser of energies.

Blue Calcite: for soothing, auric protection, ease of communication, relaxation and recuperation.

Green Calcite: for refreshing the etheric body, clearing psychic debris, and tuning into the heart.

Honey Calcite: for mental clarity, focused energy, stability, perseverance, relaxation and groundedness.

Orange Calcite: for playful confidence, getting energy moving, and healing emotional wounds.

Red Calcite: for vitality, passionate enthusiasm, sensory awareness, and dissolving blockages.

2016_May 15_Iceland Spar

Clear Calcite (£1.50 each) – Known as Iceland Spar. For manifestation, seeing clearly, and deep awareness.


Jet (various sizes and prices available) – fossilised wood; gentle, soft and calming; for stability and protection from entities of darkness!

Please note: the alleged healing properties detailed above are collected and heavily abbreviated from various sources, and are by no means definitive or accurate. For more information, please seek out more information.

Page last updated: 23/6/2020