Experimenting and hybridising since the 1980s, Nirvana have successfully bred and marketed over 50 world-class cannabis strains.

All Nirvana seeds are grown in organic soil, hand-selected with great care and tested for acceptable germination rates before sold.

Nirvana has increased breeding resources because the actual bulk production is contracted out. The highest possible quality at the fairest prices has been achieved through operating like a farmers co-op; so when you purchase Nirvana seeds you are supporting small growers like yourself.

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BLUE MYSTIC:  (Flo x Afghani) x Blueberry; low maintenance; blossoms into a mini forest of dense buds; neutral smell while growing; keep night-time temps low during flowering for a gorgeous lavender hue; 8-10 weeks flower period; 60-100cm; indica/sativa 70/30; 350-450g/m2; medium THC; high CBD; lush blueberry/citrus/woody taste; relaxing, wonderfully clear and euphoric high.

PAPAYA:  Jock Horror x Skunk #1; attractive gingery buds; heavy dense colas, but add extra potassium to thicken the stem and branches; 9-10 weeks flower period; 80-110cm; indica/sativa 60/40; 350-450g/m2; high THC; low CBD; unique exotic tropical mango and peppery flavour; energetic/euphoric head high and full-body relaxation; helps with stress, pain, cramps, insomnia, low appetite.

PURE POWER PLANT:  Original Power Plant x White Widow; beginner friendly; 8-10 weeks flower period; 60-100cm; indica/sativa 75/25; 400-500g/m2; high THC; medium CBD; pungent, earthy, pine flavour; delectable creative head high and gentle energetic body buzz; higher doses can make you cosy/sluggish.

WHITE CASTLE:  Ice x White Widow (two absolute winners); sturdy, dense and sticky; 8-10 weeks flower period; medium height; indica/sativa mix; 400-500g/m2; high THC; high CBD; strong social high; medicinal pain-killing power.

WHITE WIDOW:  Kerala x Manga Rose; a beloved, legendary masterpiece; easy to grow and durable; plump buds; 8-10 weeks flower period; 60-90cm; indica/sativa 70/30; 450-550g/m2; high THC; medium CBD; pungent, woody, earthy flavour; blissful, euphoric high that creates a zest for life; relief from stress/pain.


AK-48:  Colombian Gold x Thai x Mexican x Afghani; durable and forgiving, great for beginners; abundant hard and tight buds; 7-9 weeks flower period; 70-110cm; indica/sativa 60/40; 400-500g/m2; high THC; medium CBD; neutral smell throughout growth; an exceptional citrus aroma emerges at the cure; energetic high, exploding with happiness, pairing nicely with a morning coffee!

ICE:  Skunk#1 x White Widow x Northern Lights x Shiva; 1998 Cannabis Cup Winner; easy to grow; sturdy and dense; attractive icy flowers; 7-9 weeks flower period; 60-100cm; indica/sativa 80/20; 500-600g/m2; medium THC; high CBD; tasty – earthy, pine, menthol, diesel flavour; relaxed, happy; stress/pain relief.

NORTHERN LIGHTS:  Afghani; notoriously popular; strong, easy, with low smell; compact buds; superbly resinous; 7-9 weeks flower period; 50-80cm; indica/sativa 80/20; 400-500g/m2; medium THC; medium CBD; perfect sweet and spicy taste; euphoric, classic indica high that takes you like a storm, obliterating stress.

SNOW WHITE:  White Widow x Northern Lights; dense sticky buds; 8-10 weeks flower period; 60-90cm; indica/sativa 65/35; 400-500g/m2; medium THC; high CBD; sweet aroma, unnoticeable during flowering; smooth woody/citrusy taste; uplifting, euphoric and relaxing; relieves stress, pain and nausea.

SUPER SKUNK:  Skunk#1 x Skunk Special; much easier to grow and manicure than other ‘white’ strains; 8-10 weeks flower period; 80-120cm; indica/sativa 60/40; 400-500g/m2; high THC; medium CBD; pungent, earthy, skunk flavour; strong – go easy; used to counter stress, depression, nausea and pain.


We keep in stock a small quantity of the seeds listed here. Please consider a few choices in case we have run out of your top pick. Thanks.


Photographs and information acquired from Nirvana’s website.

Page last updated: 14/5/2018