Add a splash of colour, with this variety of remarkable, mixable shades from La Riché that deeply penetrate and dye each strand of hair.

2016_Apr 22_Directions

Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (£4 per 88 ml tub) – Conditioning hair colour that lasts up to around 6-8 washes, fading gradually over that time. Directions colours are compatible and can be mixed to allow you to create limitless shades and designs to suit your own individual desires. Best applied to bleached hair.

Colours: Apricot, Mandarin, Tangerine, Fire, Poppy Red, Flame, Coral Red, Pillarbox Red, Vermillion Red, Rose Red, Tulip, Dark Tulip, Rubine, Cerise, Flamingo Pink, Carnation Pink, Pastel Pink, Lavender, Lilac, Violet, Plum, Neon Blue, Midnight Blue, Atlantic Blue, Lagoon Blue, Turquoise, Alpine Green, Apple Green, Spring Green, Bright Daffodil, White Toner, Silver and Ebony.

2016_Feb 28_Directions leaflet

Please note: you should follow the instructions or get some help when using these products for the first time.

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