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K.C. BRAINS, HOLLAND (regular)


KERA SEEDS (feminised)



We aim to keep in stock a small quantity of the seeds listed here, so please consider a few options in case we are running low, and TELL US WHICH OTHER SEEDS YOU WANT – from any seedbank – and we’ll do our best to source them within a week or two, and sort you out with a decent price!

We can order you seeds from the following companies (and probably any others you may be after):

Ace Seeds, Advanced Seeds, Allstar Genetics, Apothecary Genetics, Auto Seeds, Barney’s Farm, BC Bud Depot, Big Buddha Seeds, Big Head Seeds, Blim Burn, Black Skull Seeds, Bomb Seeds, British Columbia, Buddha Seeds, Bulldog Seeds, C.B.D. Seeds, Canadian Bred Seeds, Cannabiogen, CBD Crew, Cream of the Crop, Critical Mass Collective, Dankonomics, De Sjamaan Seeds, Delicious Seeds, Delta 9 Labs, Devil’s Harvest, Dinafem Seeds, Dr Krippling, Dutch Passion, Dr Underground, Emerald Triangle, Eva Female Seeds, Exotic Seed, Fast Buds, Female Seeds, Feminized Seeds, Flash Seeds, Flying Dutchmen, Freedom of Seeds, G13 Labs, Gage Green Group, Genehtik, Genofarm, Grand Daddy Purp, Green Label, Greenhouse Seeds, Hazeman Seeds, Heavyweight Seeds, Homegrown Fantaseeds, Hortilab, Humboldt Seed Organisation, Joint Doctor’s, Jordan of the Islands, Kalashnikov Seeds, Kannabia, KC Brains, Kera Seeds, Kiwi Seeds, Kush Brothers, Kush Seeds, Lady Sativa, Lowlife, Mandala Seeds, Medical Seeds, Medicann, Mephisto Genetics, Ministry of Cannabis, Mr Nice Seeds, Next Generation, Nirvana, OO Seeds, Original Sensible Seed Co., Paradise Seeds, Philosopher Seeds, Plantformers, Positronic Seeds, Purple Caper, Pyramid Seeds, Reggae Seeds, Resin Seeds, Ripper Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, R-Kiem, Sagarmatha Seeds, Samsara, Sativa Seedbank, Secret Valley, Seedmakers, Seeds of Africa, Seedsman, Sensi Seed Bank, 710 Genetics, Seven Dwarfs, Short Stuff, Sick Meds, SinCity Seeds, Soma Seeds, Spliff Seeds, Strain Hunters, Super CBDx, Super Strains, Sweet Seeds, Taylor’d Genetics, TGA Seeds, Top Tao, Tropical Seeds, VIP Seeds, Vision Seeds, World of Seeds, Zambeza Seeds and White Label.


REGULAR SEEDS are natural and untampered-with cannabis seeds. They come from one male and one female parent, and can produce either male or female plants. Only from the flowering stage can you tell if a regular seed is male or female; males will produce oval pods, females have a calyx shaped like a teardrop.

If you want to breed cannabis and produce new seeds, then you’ll need both male and female plants, which would require regular seeds. If you have no interest in breeding and you just want to have some outstanding bud, then feminised seeds, though more expensive, might be a better choice.

FEMINISED SEEDS are bred specifically to eliminate male chromosomes. These seeds are not genetically modified; rather they are created by forcing a female plant to grow male pollen sacs full of female pollen.

This can be achieved through a process called rodelization or by regularly spraying the plant with a colloidal silver solution during the early flowering stage so she will grow male “balls” instead of buds. This all-female pollen can be used to pollinate another female plant. With two female plants as parents, all the seeds end up being female.

THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SATIVA & INDICA: Sativa plants grow taller and much slower than Indica plants. Sativa leaves grow narrower with less chlorophyll than Indica leaves which are wider and darker. Indica gives higher yields than Sativa.

Smoking Indica bud gives a strong sedative physical body high, deeply relaxing compared to the stimulating Sativa high, known to be more energetic and uplifting. Indica has a higher concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) than Sativa.

Indica dominant buds tend to have a strong sweet or sour odour, providing a very relaxing and strong body high that is helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain and sleeping disorders.

AUTO-FLOWERING / RUDERALIS: Auto-flowering strains are self-flourishing, which means that the plant will automatically go into the flowering stage, regardless of the number of light hours, thus simplifying the cultivation process. The auto-flowering seed market is still young, and few consistent, standardized strains have been fully developed, so effects can vary drastically from plant to plant, but these plants are generally not large and they are ready after 8-10 weeks.

These strains are crossbreeds with Ruderalis, which is a hardy, ‘feral’ species of cannabis that enters the flowering stage based on the maturity of the plant, rather than its light cycle, after just a few weeks going straight from the vegetative state to the flowering state under existing light conditions (even constant, high intensity light).

TRICHOMES: Trichomes are almost microscopic, mushroom-like protrusions from the surface of buds, main fan leaves, and stalks of late-stage cannabis plants. Within these resin glands occurs the production of cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) and terpenes, the ‘miracle molecules’ that deliver relief for everything from depression and gastrointestinal problems to cancerous tumours and epilepsy.


(One)  This information has been gathered and carefully abbreviated from various catalogues and websites for your convenience, education and scientific reference; none of it is intended to promote, incite or condone the use of illegal or controlled substances. With love and peace, entertainment and freedom in our hearts, we sell these seeds on to you as novelty souvenirs and offer no refunds for seeds that have failed to germinate because, boringly so, under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 it is still illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in the UK (without a license from the Home Office) and we do not accept complicity in or want to hear of any cases of the nurturing of seeds we supply.

(B)  Even if you are lucky enough to live in a country where you can plant them, we do not guarantee germination success, nor the occurrence or strength of all the strain qualities listed, for much depends on growing conditions, careful handling and a bit of luck. Top Dutch producers regularly test their seed productions to maintain acceptable germination rates and quality plants. Good luck.

(III)  Seeds are for sale to over 18-year-olds only and are not for human consumption.

(4)  If we’re out of stock of certain packet sizes, we cannot sell you a combination of other sizes at the lower price. Well, we could, but we won’t. Let us know what you want and we’ll try to restock soon.

(PS)  For more details of our policies, please read our Terms of Service.

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