Marijuana Horticulture

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible (£25) by Jorges Cervantes – “It is without doubt the best grow book on the market. It’s a must for every grower be they a novice or a pro,” says Weed World Magazine. The fifth edition of a best seller – updated, rewritten, significantly expanded, with more than 300 contributors, 512 pages and 1120 colour images – this is an epic work.

2016_May 07_Closet Cultivator

Closet Cultivator (£9) by Ed Rosenthal – “Closet Cultivator emphasises small spaces, simplicity and high yields. It shows how to set up the ideal garden and covers the newest growing techniques in plain English – not technical jargon. The step-by-step directions will enable anyone to grow and harvest the highest quality marijuana. It’s the perfect book for any cannabis enthusiast!” Published in California, 1999. 136 pages. “This book changed my life,” says Jennifer of San Francisco

2016_May 07_European Cannabis Cultivation

European Cannabis Cultivation: The Complete Grower’s Guide (£10) by Mel Thomas – “The Only Growbook You Will Ever Need” – 244 pages, with over 200 pictures and diagrams.


Stir Crazy by Bobcat Press

Stir Crazy: Cooking with Cannabis (£7) by Bobcat Press – Detailed step-by-step instructions; dozens of professional tips, tricks and techniques; fully illustrated throughout; health, safety and legal guidance; the ultimate guide to pot cookery! – 64 pages – First published 1998, this is an updated edition from 2005.

“Practised for thousands of years in the East, cannabis cuisine is a sadly neglected art in the western world. This is a real shame… swallowing your pot does have genuine advantages. Cannabis, cooked in large doses with the right ingredients, can create the kind of highs normally associated with powerful psychedelic drugs like L.S.D…. Instead of simply presenting a collection of recipes using pot, this book aims to explain the whole process of preparing, cooking and eating cannabis.”

Joint Rolling Handbook 2

The Joint Rolling Handbook 2 (£7.95) by Bobcat Press – “New & classic tips, tricks and techniques, cannabis judging and preparation; 26 of the world’s best blunts, bombs, cones and cigars; step-by-step guides to joint-rolling expertise; over 400 full-colour illustrations and diagrams.”

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