Tai Chi Shoes range

Buckled Tai Chi Shoes (£8, or 3 pairs for £20) – Traditional velvet-topped footwear from China, known as Mary Janes. Limited availability (see below) of sizes 36/3 to 42/8, in Green, Red, Burgundy, Purple, Navy, Black, Grey and Brown.

2015_May 17_Brown ladies' tc shoes

We have a limited quantity of these shoes. We are hoping to get some more Black in by September. For now, this is what we have in stock, last time we checked (June 2020):

35/2: Black, Burgundy, Navy.
36/3: Black, Brown, Grey, Navy, Purple.
37/4: Brown, Green, Grey, Navy, Purple, Red.
38/5: Burgundy, Red.
39/6: Red.
40/7: Grey, Red.
41/7½: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Grey, Navy, Purple.
42/8: Burgundy, Green, Purple.

We advise customers that the sewing-on of buckles in some shoes has proved a weakness. In your own interest, you may wish to reinforce this.

Page last updated: 23/6/2020