2015_Aug 02_Saints Bracelets

Bracelets (SALE: were £1, now 50p)

2016_Apr 10_Gold Leaves Bracelet

Brass Leaves Bracelets (£1.75) – fine, delicate and detailed; adjustable size

2016_Apr 29_Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa Bracelets (£1.50) – Legend has it that there is a mythical kingdom called Shamballa in Tibet or India – a Buddhist Pure Land – a fabulous realm whose reality is visionary or spiritual as much as physical or geographical. Wear one of these fine adjustable bracelets and meditate on that, and prosperity and enlightenment are quite sure to be yours.

2016_May 20_Bracelets

Beaded Cord Wristbands (were £3, now £2.50)


Bracelets (£1.35)


Bracelets (£1.35)

Bracelets (£1)

Bracelets (£1)

2015_Aug 02_Clasp Bracelets

Bracelets (£1)

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