Nickel Rollerpipe (£4.50) – 95 mm. (Pipe #87)

Brass Rollerpipe (£4.50 – OUT OF STOCK) – 95 mm. So named because it is said one can shape a decent cone around this pipe. (Pipe #86)

Nickel Hammer Pipe (£4) – A popular pipe that can be usefully disguised as a hammer! 83 mm, or 98 mm with the mouthpiece removed from inside and screwed into place. (Pipe #13)

Brass Hammer Pipe (£4) – Why take a pipe and a hammer to a party when you can take a hammer pipe! Nailed it! Hammer Time! (Pipe #14)

Small Nickel Hammer Pipe (£3.50) – All the fun of a hammer and a pipe in one, with extraneous bits of metal to put in a drawer of your choice! Variable extendibility of the mouthpiece puts this funpipe between 60 and 67 mm long. (Pipe #16)

Small Brass Hammer Pipe (£3.50) – Hammer? Pipe? Hammer? Pipe? You don’t need to choose when you choose Hammer Pipe! (Pipe #17)

Nickel Keyring Hammer Pipe (£3.50) – Another variation on the hammer pipe concept, this one is non-extendible and has a slightly useful keyring element, and, as you can see, it comes apart in 5 pieces (potentially more if you rip/bend the keyring to bits, and/or attack the whole thing with a hacksaw…) (Pipe #15)

Metal Double Chamber Pipe (£4.50) – 12 cm pipe with translucent yellow and blue plastic tubes bits. (Pipe #56)

Pipe 55a

Metal Double Chamber Pipe (£5) – 11 cm pipe with a wooden tube bit. (Pipe #46)

Pipe 50b

Metal Single Chamber Pipe (£4) – 7 cm pipe with translucent plastic tube bits. (Pipe #50)

Pipe 50f

Metal Single Chamber Pipe (£4.50) – 9 cm pipe with a wooden tube bit. (Pipe #45)

Metal Pipe (£4.25) – 7 cm (Pipe #43)

Budbomb (£25) – 112 mm when put together; available in chrome, gun metal and gold colours.

2016_May 15_Silver Palm Leaf 1
2016_May 15_Silver Palm Leaf 2

Silver Palm Leaf Pipe (£29 – OUT OF STOCK) – Made in the UK, the world’s first pipeless pipe, that you can scrub clean with no fiddly holes to access! Cast in stainless steel to last a lifetime, with a brushed metal finish. The magnetic back flips off to reveal a 32 cm maze of corridors making the coolest smoke possible. 80 x 50 x 4 mm (Pipe #62).

2016_May 15_Credit Card Pipe

Credit Card Pipe (£6) – 83 x 50 x 4 mm. Made in China. (Pipe #40)

All pipes come with a free packet of steel gauzes or 2 cone gauzes.

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