A new decade marked so soon with phenomenal challenges and change – a time of lockdown, renewal, loss, recovery, appreciation, strengthening of communities, sincere outreaches of love, and desire for trying something different.

Our book range has been growing rapidly in recent years. We decided to mark World Book Day 2020 with a discount promotion, covering all the interesting new and pre-owned titles we have in the shop… Tarot, Crystals, Magic, Cannabis Cultivation, Runes, Yoga, Tai Chi, Palm-Reading, Meditation, Angels, the Environment, Healing, Wellbeing, Green Man, Art, Music, Furry Freak Brothers and other comics, Fiction and Poetry, and many more subjects. (2/2/2020)
THE TIME HAS COME, dear friends, for the Clouds to join the global lockdown. So this will be our last day open to the public for a while. Good luck, good health, good sanity, and a non-contact touch of love and peace to you all. Strange times… (21/3/2020)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Head in the Clouds! With colossal thanks to you, our cosmic shop has completed 49 circuits around the Sun! Sadly we cannot all be here to caress its shabby shelves and colourful clobber, and so from afar we raise a glass to its many magical charms, and pray we’re out of lockdown to properly celebrate the half-century. But these are the times we live in, and the unusual circumstances we face, and we must come together, apart, to come together and party another day. (1/4/2020)
It’s unusually quiet here in the Clouds without our lovely staff and customers. (16/4/2020)
Mail orders are the order of the day! (28/4/2020)
And then this happened! (29/6/2020)
A bold new era emerges as the Clouds drift on through lockdown,
and we proudly present our newly-built, spacious window display . . .
A glimpse into the soul of the shop, and of things to come.
Welcome to Head in the Clouds: the Next Generation! (1/6/2020)
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