Rolls of paper, to be pulled out to required length.

RIPS x4 small

Rips: Red (90p) [7 metres, narrow (3.7cm), regular], Silver (90p) [extra thin, narrow (3.7cm), regular], Green (£1) [5 metres, slim (4.4cm), light weight, rice paper] and Blue (£1.10) [5 metres, wide (5.3cm), king-size]

RIPS HEMP x3 small

Hemp Rips (£1.10) – 100% Pure Hemp paper on a roll: King-Size [5 metres, wide (5.2cm)], Slim [5 metres, slim (4.4cm)] and Regular [7 metres, narrow (3.7cm)]

2016_Mar 16_OCB rolls

OCB Premium Rolls (£1) – 4 metres, slim (4.9cm), ultra-fine premium paper

2016_Mar 18_Raw Rolls

Raw Rolls: Classic and Organic Hemp (£1.20) – king-size, natural unrefined rolling papers

Juicy Jay's Rolls small

Juicy Jay’s Big Size Flavoured Papers (£1.30)Bubble Gum, Very Cherry, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, Blueberry, Banana, Peaches & Cream, Watermelon, Blackberry Brandy, Raspberry, Strawberry and Jamaican Rum

Rolling papers are for sale to over 18-year-olds only.

Page last updated: 22/6/2020