Henna is an oriental shrub known since ancient times for its fortifying benefits. Applied to hair it adds radiant highlights and smoothness, as well as shielding it from harsh weather conditions.

Henna deposits a film of colour on the hair surface to offer protection, body and shine, whilst thoroughly blending away troublesome first white hairs.

We offer you the choice between long-lasting powders (to mix with water into a paste) and mild semi-permanent creams – in a warm assortment of browns, reds, oranges and black…


100g of Spiritual Sky Henna Colouring Powder (£5): Chestnut Brown, Brown, Black, Copper, Mahogany and Auburn – Adds long-lasting radiant highlights; made in France.

Ganesha Natural Red Henna Powder (£3) – Made in India.


90ml bottle of Spiritual Sky Henna Colouring Cream (£7): Golden Brown, Brown, Black, Burgundy, Copper, Mahogany and Auburn – Supplied with a plastic hair cover and gloves. Suitable for permed and coloured hair. The colour shampoos out after 4 to 5 washes. Made in France.

Please note: you should follow the instructions or get some help when using these products for the first time.

Page last updated: 18/6/2020