Deep spirituality and compassion are at the heart of Tibetan Buddhism, and music and chant have always been, for the Buddhist, an important part of spiritual enlightenment.

2016_Feb 21_CD 01

Sacred Chants of Buddha – Music for Meditation, by Craig Pruess (1999) (£3.50)

2016_Feb 21_CD 02

Buddhist Chants – Music for Contemplation and Reflection (2000) (£3.50)

2016_Feb 21_CD 04

Chants of Milarelpa (2012) (£3.50)

2016_Feb 21_CD 11

Buddhist Chants & Peace Music – Music for Reflection and Relaxation from the Far East (1996) (£3.50)

2016_Feb 21_CD 12

Blissful: Mantra, Meditation, Melody – Buddhist Prayers by Lama Ngodup Jungney (£3.50)

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