Enter our footwear clinic . . .

‘Party Shoes’ Invisible Gel Cushions Ideal for High Heels (£4) – Fight burning soles, instant relief for sore feet, suitable for all footwear, position these stylish non-slip pads under the balls of your feet.

‘Heel Bliss’ (£1.90) – Sticks into the upper part of the heel cup to prevent blisters and heel slip.

‘Grip Tight’ Anti-Slip Stick on Sole (£1.90) – Add these pads to the base of your shoe to make every step safe and secure.

‘Fast Fixx’ Gel Sling Grips (£2.50) – To stick onto the middle of heel straps, because slipping straps are bad news!

‘Fast Fixx’ Gel Soft Steppers for Sandals (£2.95) – Near invisible, cushiony, soothing gel for long-wearing comfort, for less slipping and sliding – better stability, and relief from pain and pressure caused by sandal toe straps.

‘Quickie’ Instant Shoe Shine (£2) – Compact sponge for emergencies.

Page last updated: 1/10/2018