Metal Cat Incense Holders (£3.50) – 31 mm long, 23 mm tall; made in India

2015_Oct 09_Brass Incense Holders

Brass Buddha & Ganesh Incense Holders (£4.50) – 5 cm height; made in Nepal

Aluminium Incense Holders (£2 each)

2013_Aug 14_Brass incense holders

Brass Incense Holders (£3.50)

2015_Oct 09_Hands Incense Holders

Wooden Hands Incense Holders (£2.50) – wide hole suitable for thicker dhoop sticks; 7 cm height; made in Nepal


Wooden Ash-Catchers (£1.25) – affectionately known as ‘gnome skis’; various lengths and inlaid brass symbols including elephants, yin yang and om.

Incense Towers (£5 each)

Incense Boxes (£5.75 each)

Aladdin's Lamps Deluxe

Deluxe Aladdin’s Lamp Incense Holders (£9)

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