Ecigwizard Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit (was £21.50, now £18) – Includes a 10ml WizMix E-liquid (which may be swapped for a different flavour) – made in Britain.


CE4 Clearomiser (£3.50) – An earlier model in which liquid soaks into the coil at the top. This is disposable after about a month when the coil becomes dry/clogged if the liquid is too thick or being toked less frequently.

Aspire Clearomiser (£6) – The Aspire has a lower ohmage so the hit is harder than the CE4. Liquid feeds from the bottom of the coil, so only dries out when empty. The inner head (available below) needs replacing every 3-4 weeks.

Aspire insert

Replacement insert for the Aspire Clearomiser (£2.50)

Page last updated: 8/2/2017