Last updated: 20/3/2016
2016_Mar 16_Quintessential

Quintessential Smoking Tips (60p) – 45 chlorine-free rolling tips made of recycled paper

Quintessential Organic Hemp-Coated Tips (60p) Р45 organic hemp-coated, chlorine-free tips

Quintessential Pure Hemp Tips (60p) – 45 of the world’s finest 100% pure Hemp rolling tips, tree free and chlorine free

Quintessential Organic Hemp-Coated Tips Maxi Pack (£1.20) Р4 x 45 organic hemp-coated, chlorine-free tips

Quintessential Tips Ltd of Truro: “makers and purveyors of fine quality, environmentally conscious products”

2016_Mar 16_Raw Tips

Raw Tips (60p): Regular and Wide [perforated] – 50 tips per pack; chemical and chlorine free; made from purest hemp and cotton fibers on an antique Fourdrinier paper machine in an old paper mill in Northern China – the only place Raw could find that still had one of these old machines in use, which they needed to make the special long-fiber paper for these tips.

2015_Aug 01_Anonymous Filters

Anonymous Filters (75p) – 40 wide perforated tips per booklet; 55 x 25 mm

2016_Mar 16_Rips Filters

Rips Filters (60p) – perforated tips

2015_May 17_Filter Tips

Rizla Ultra Slim Filter Tips (75p)

Swan Extra Slim Filter Tips (75p)

Swan Menthol Extra Slim Filter Tips (85p)

There is no age restriction on the sale of Filter Tips.