Last updated: 20/3/2016

Rizla regulars small

Rizla Regular Papers: Blue (25p) [fine weight], Red (25p) – , Green (25p) , Silver (35p) [ultra thin] and Orange (35p) [liquorice-coated]

2016_Mar 16_OCB reg

OCB Regular Papers (55p): Original and Premium [ultra thin] – 100 leaves; made in France.

2016_Mar 16_Pure Hemp

Pure Hemp Regular Papers (30p) – 50 leaves; made in Spain.

2016_Mar 13_Raw reg

Raw Regular Papers: Classic (70p) and Organic (80p) – 50/32 unrefined hemp 11⁄4 size leaves; made in Spain.

2016_Mar 13_OCB organic reg

OCB Regular Papers: Organic Hemp (45p)

2016_Mar 13_Rad reg

Rad Regular Papers (40p) – 50 unbleached organic single wide leaves.

2016_Mar 12_JJ reg

Juicy Jay’s Regular Flavoured Papers (£1.10) – 32 triple dipped extra lightweight 11⁄4 size leaves; many flavours; made in Spain.

2015_Aug 05_Top Papers

Top Papers (90p): Velvet Peach and Sunrise Strawberry – 32 triple infused 11⁄4 size leaves; made in France.

Rolling papers are for sale to over 18-year-olds only.