Rizla King Size Slim Papers (60p): Blue [fine weight] and Silver [super thin] – 32 leaves; made in the EU; established 1796.

2016_June 29_Rizla Natura

Rizla Natura King Size Slim Papers (70p) – 32 ultra thin leaves of responsibly sourced unbleached hemp paper; established 1796.

2016_Mar 16_Rizla ks

Rizla King Size Papers (60p): Green and Red – 32 leaves; made in the EU; established 1796.

Smoking ks

Smoking King Size Papers (60p): Slim, Master [super-slim; launched in 2003 as “the technologically perfect paper”], De Luxe [narrow], Eco [narrow, pure hemp], Green [wide, pure hemp], Blue [light weight] and Red – 33 leaves per pack; made in Barcelona, Spain, since 1879.

2016_Mar 16_OCB ks

OCB King Size Slim Premium Papers (60p) – ultra thin

2016_Mar 13_OCB organic ks

OCB King Size Papers: Organic Hemp (75p)

2016_Mar 20_Raw KS

Raw King Size Slim Papers: Classic (85p) and Organic (£1) – 32 unrefined hemp leaves; made in Spain.

2016_Mar 12_JJ ks

Juicy Jay’s King Size Slim Flavoured Papers (£1.30) – 32 triple dipped extra lightweight leaves; many flavours; made in Spain.

Zero King Size Slim Transparent Papers (60p) – 32 premium leaves; zero gum; made in Germany.

Rolling papers are for sale to over 18-year-olds only.

Last updated: 30/10/2017