2016_Mar 20_Raw Connoisseur

Raw Connoisseur King Size Slim Papers & Tips: Classic and Organic Hemp (£1.40) – 32 unrefined leaves and wide tips; made in Spain.

Head In The Clouds Ultimate Joint Pack (£1.50) – 32 leaves of ultra thin slow burning hemp paper (with natural arabic gum) and 32 wide hemp filter tips. Made in the EU.

Highland Headquarter

Headquarter Papers & Tips (£1.15) – tips featuring pictures of a policewoman stripping

Highland Double Decadence

Highland Papers & Tips (£1.15)

Highland Cosmic

Cosmic Papers & Tips (£1)

Raw Cones (£1.20) – 6 pack of 11⁄4 size cones of classic unrefined paper.

Rolling papers are for sale to over 18-year-olds only. There is no age restriction on the sale of Filter Tips on their own.

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