Last updated: 17/4/2016


2016_Apr 17_Bong Stems

Coloured Anodised Aluminium Bong Stems (£1.50 – £2.20) – ‘drop pipes’ for banging in a bong, complete with bowl, coupling and rubber grommet.

Bottle Conversion Bong Stems (£2)

2015_Dec 05_Glass Drop Pipes 1

Glass Drop Pipes (£4 each) – various lengths

2015_Dec 05_Glass Drop Pipes 2

Stumpy Glass Drop Pipes (£3)


2016_Feb 13_Ceramic Bowls

Clay Bowls (£3.50 each) – for Shisha Pipes

The following bowls are compatible with the aluminium pipe stems above.

2015_Oct 28_Metal Bowls

Metal Bowls (£1 each)

2015_Oct 28_XL Metal Bowls

Extra Large Metal Bowls (£1.40 each)

2015_Oct 30_Wooden Bowls

Wooden Bowls (£1.40 each) – individually hand-carved

2015_Oct 28_Soapstone Bowls 1

Soapstone Bowls (£1.80 each) – individually hand-carved


2015_Oct 28_Grommets

Rubber Grommets (10p each)