Last updated: 16/5/2016



Amethyst clusters (prices vary)

Pyrite - Fool's Gold

Pyrite – aka Fool’s Gold; brass-coloured iron sulphide; strengthening, harmonising and for self-improvement (£1.50 each)


Calcite – blue, green, honey, orange and red; powerful energy cleanser and amplifier (£1.50 each)

2016_May 15_Iceland Spar

Optical Calcite – aka Iceland Spar; aids vision and reduces the tension that can cause migraines (£1.50 each)


Unakite – a stone of vision (75p each)


Jet – fossilised wood, collected from beaches along the East coast; gentle, soft and calming; for stability and protection from entities of darkness! (75p each)

Bornite - Peacock Ore

Bornite – aka Chalcopyrite and nick-named Peacock Ore by early miners; this beautiful iridescent mineral is a powerful healing stone, for use in cleansing, balancing and aligning Chakra energy centres, releasing stress, healing doubt, energising, encouraging joy and acceptance. (£1.50 per chunk)

Red Jasper

Red Jasper – jasper containing hematite; brings courage, will power and energy (£1)

Please note: the alleged healing properties detailed above are collected and heavily abbreviated from various sources, and are by no means definitive or accurate. For more information, please seek out more information.