Sterling Silver and Gemstone Pendants (£8 to £23)

Wire-Wrapped Crystal Pendants (£3) – Rose Quartz, Quartz and Amethyst.

2015_Aug 12_Stone Pendants

Stone Pendant Necklaces (£3) – individually hand-carved from temple stone fragments by craftsmen of the Tamil Nadu region of India

2016_May 21_Cross Necklace

Resin Cross Necklaces (SALE: were £4, now £2.75) – fair trade; made in India

Coloured Glass & Metal Pendants (£1 each) – black, dark blue, blue, yellow, orange, pink, cherry red and strawberry red; 18 mm diameter.

2016_July 11_Ancient Magic

Ancient Magic Pendant Necklaces (£4.50 each): Celtic Knot, Celtic Cross & Wizard – Crafted in English pewter in the British Isles, with cotton cord. The Celtic Cross, with hands and face, is indicative of the human desire to know and experience the unfolding mystery of life.

Magical Amulets & Talismans (£5 each) – sold with leather thong

2015_Oct 18_Chakra Pendants

Crystal-embedded Chakra Pendants (£6/£5.50/£4.50) – C4 is out of stock

2016_June 26_Pendants 1

Brass Pendants (£3/£4 each)

2016_June 26_Pendants 3

Pendants (£4 each)

2016_June 26_Pendants 4

Pendants (£3.50 each)

2016_June 26_Pendants 5

Pendants (£3.50/£4.50 each)

2016_June 26_Pendants 6

Pendants (£3.50 each)

2016_June 26_Pendants 2

Pendants (£2.75/£3/£3.25/£4/£4.50 each)

2015_Oct 18_Ankh, Abraca, Cross

Brass Pendants (£2.50 each)

2016_June 26_Pendants 9

Brass Pendants (£4.50/£4.75 each)

2016_June 26_Pendants 7  2016_June 26_Pendants 8

Brass Pendants (£4.75 each)

2016_Feb 14_Briar Dharma Charms

Briar Dharma Buddhist Charm Necklaces with Bag (were £6, now £4.50) – Buddha Tree (celebrating the moment of truth, when, after many years of searching, Prince Siddhartha Gautoma found enlightenment after deep meditation under a sacred fig tree; worn for inspiration), Buddhist Wheel (the most ancient of all Buddhist symbols, the eight-spoked Dharmachakra wheel sitting above the endless knot, evoking all the symbols and teachings of Buddhism; worn for continued learning) and Adi Buddha (Buddha existed before everything and is the infinite, omniscient being who created all; worn for peace and creativity).

2016_May 13_Brass Necklaces

Brass Pendants on Chains (£8 each) – 38 mm diameter

2015_Aug 21_Zodiac Charms

Zodiac Pendant Necklaces (£3.50) – we now have less than half the zodiac in stock: Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn.

2012_July 15_Crop Circle necklaces

Crop Circle Necklaces (£3.50) – made from English pewter

2016_May 20_Pendant Necklaces

Tribal Pendant Necklaces (£6.50) – 7 cm diameter square, 8 cm diameter circle

Crystal Spirals

Spiral Pendants for crystals (75p each) – 27 mm height

2015_Aug 02_Japanese Charms

Japanese Charms (£1 each)

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