2016_May 21_Windchimes 1

Bamboo Wind Chimes: 30 x 10 cm (£5.50) and 50 x 15 cm (£7) – fair trade by Gringo

2015_Dec 11_Star Mobile

Star Chime Mobiles (£4)

2015_Dec 11_Flower Mobile

Flower Chime Mobiles (£4)


These classic mobiles are handmade in the Philippines from semi-translucent Capiz Shell, or windowpane oyster, also known as Placuna Placenta, which is abundant in the coastal waters.

2016_June 05_Shell Bears

Teddy Bears Shell Mobile (£2)

2016_June 05_Shell Clowns

Clowns & Sealion Shell Mobile (£2)

2016_June 05_Shell Leaves

Autumn Leaves Shell Mobile (£2)

2016_June 05_Shell T Rex

T. Rex Shell Mobile (£2) – this one is open to interpretation, as it is labelled on the box as crocodiles…

2016_June 05_Shell Yachts

Yacht Shell Mobile (£2)

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