30 Volume (9%) Hair Lightening Kit (£6) – Specially formulated to condition and protect hair while you lighten. Contains 75ml bottle of cream peroxide, 25g sachet of powder bleach, 10ml sachet of moisturising shampoo, gloves, cap, brush and mixing tray.

2016_Feb 14_Cream Peroxide

Cream Peroxide (100 ml): 20 Volume (6%), 30 Volume (9%) and 40 Volume (12%) (£2.50) – for hair bleaching; to be mixed with Powder Bleach.

For quick results, choose 30 Volume (9%) for currently blonde to medium brown hair, or 40 Volume (12%) for currently dark brown hair. However, please note, though it takes a little longer, you can lift the hair much more gently with 3% and 6%.

2016_July 03_Powder Bleach

50g Dust Free Blue Bleach Powder (£2.50) – For all off-the-scalp highlighting techniques. Non-drying. Non-flaking. Mild gentle formulation. Made in France.

Please note: you should follow the instructions or get some help when using these products for the first time.

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