AK-48: Forgiving, great for beginners; abundant hard and tight buds; 70-110cm; ind./sat. 60/40; 7-9 weeks flower time; 400-500g/m2 yield; exceptional penetrating aroma; cerebral sativa high; 18-24% THC

BLUE MYSTIC: Soft lavender hues; neutral smell while growing; 60-100cm; ind./sat. 70/30; 8-10 weeks flower time; 350-450g/m2; faint berry-like aftertaste to its smoke; intoxicating yet clear buzz; 18-24% THC

BUBBLELICIOUS: Strong and vigorous; highly resinous, sticky and sparkling with THC; 80-120cm; ind./sat. 60/40; 9-10 weeks flower time; 350-450g/m2; extra sweet; delicious relaxing body buzz; 18-24% THC

PAPAYA: Disease resistant; stays short and dense; usually early maturing; greasy indica; juicy buds; 80-110cm; ind./sat. 60/40; 9-10 weeks flower time; 350-450g/m2; exotic tropical aroma; lethargic buzz; 18-24% THC

PURE POWER PLANT (PPP): Strong F1 hybrid; 60-100cm; ind./sat. 75/25; 8-10 weeks flower time; tremendous growth potential – 400-500g/m2; pleasant, pine-like aftertaste; powerful social buzz; 18-24% THC

WHITE CASTLE: A cross of Ice and White Widow; sturdy; unparalleled density; medium height; ind./sat. mix; 8-10 weeks flower time; 400-500g/m2; sticky; strong, social high; medicinal pain-killing power; 18-24% THC

WHITE WIDOW: A legendary masterpiece; tall with delicate arms; quite compact buds; resinous; 60-90cm; ind./sat. 70/30; 8-10 weeks flower time; 450-550g/m2; powerful, energetic, social sativa buzz; 18-24% THC



ICE: 1998 Cannabis Cup Winner; sturdy; easy to grow; dense flowers richly covered in icy trichomes; 60-100cm; ind./sat. 80/20; 7-9 weeks flower time; 500-600g/m2; addictive fuel-like aroma; heavy stone; 18-24% THC

NORTHERN LIGHTS: Best-selling indoor indica; compact buds; great flower-leaf ratio; superbly resinous; 50-80cm; ind./sat. 80/20; 7-9 weeks flower time; 400-500g/m2; full-bodied taste; stoney; 18-24% THC

SNOW WHITE: A nice White Widow variation; short indica stature; dense sticky buds, trichome-rich; 60-90cm; ind./sat. 60/40; 8-10 weeks flower time; 400-500g/m2; lovely smooth taste; powerful stone; 18-24% THC

SUPER SKUNK:Much easier to grow and manicure than ‘white’ strains; impressive potency; 80-120cm; ind./sat. 60/40; 8-10 weeks flower time; 400-500g/m2; well-known strong flavour; powerful buzz; 18-24% THC

WONDER WOMAN: Hard buds which are easy to trim; 70-110cm; ind./sat. 70/30; high-volume skunk, 8-10 weeks flower time; 450-550g/m2; smoke has a classic rich skunky flavour; long-lasting buzz; 12-18% THC

We keep in stock a small quantity of the seeds listed here. Please consider a few choices in case we have run out of your top pick. Thanks.


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