2015_May 22_Rainbow Hat and Abbi

2015_Sept 06_Rainbow Hats

Rainbow Hats (£8)

Woollen Pom Pom Hats (£10) – made in Nepal

2015_Sept 06_Tassels Hats

Tasselled Earflap Hats (£10) – made in Nepal

2015_Sept 06_Mohawk Hats

Mohawk Hats (£10)

2015_Sept 06_Earflap Hats

Earflap Hats (£10) – wool exterior with polyester lining

2015_Sept 06_Faux-Fur Hats

Faux-Fur Hats (£14) – made in China

2015_May 22_Rasta Cap

Large Cotton Rasta Cap (£9) – made in China, available in green, black, red, white, light grey, olive grey (as pictured) and yellow

2015_May 22_Rasta Beret Dreads

Rasta Beret with Dreads (SALE: were £12, now £9)

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