Last updated: 21/3/2016


2016_Feb 21_Vintage Purses

Embroidered Purses (£4.50) – various sizes and unique designs; upcycled from exquisite vintage materials; made in India

2016_Feb 21_Tie-Dye Purses

Tie-Dye Purses (£2) – approximately 12 x 10 cm; made in India

2014_June 12_Afghan PursesPurses (£7.75)fair trade, beautifully handmade in Afghanistan, with amazing beading and wonderful fabrics – plenty of designs available.

2015_Aug 07_Cotton Purses

Embroidered Cotton Purses (£2.50) – 5 x 3.5 inches; made in India

2015_Aug 07_Leather Purses

2015_Aug 07_Leather Purse

Leather Purses (£2.50) – 2.5 x 2.5 inches; made in India


2016_Mar 20_Wallets 1

2016_Mar 20_Wallets 2

2016_Mar 20_Wallets 3

Nepalese Cotton Wallets (£5) – fair trade, care of Gringo