Warmest greetings to you, and thank you for dropping by.

Welcome to the online home of Head in the Clouds – a happy boutique of rainbow-infused beauties, magical smells and fabulous fun in the charming and award-winning Norwich Lanes.

WE’RE NOW IN FULL LOCKDOWN, and so won’t be open to the public for a while.

Nor are we able to fulfil any mail orders for a few weeks.

Please keep an eye on this page and our Facebook and Instagram feeds if you want to find out when we’ll be open for business again.

And by all means write to us or fill in the form here, and let us know what you’d like when we resume mail orders, and we’ll get back to you, perhaps with an automated reply at first, and then later to say we’re open and to ask if you’d still like those fabulous items.

Thank you for all your support and love.

Good luck, good health, good sanity, and a non-contact touch of love and peace to you all.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Head in the Clouds!

With colossal thanks to you, our cosmic shop has completed 49 circuits around the Sun!

Sadly we cannot all be here to caress its shabby shelves and colourful clobber, and so from afar we raise a glass to its many magical charms, and pray we’re out of lockdown to properly celebrate the half-century.

But these are the times we live in, and the unusual circumstances we face, and we must come together, apart, to come together and party another day.

Hippy Heaven!

At the heart of old Norwich, Head in the Clouds is an Aladdin’s Cave of oriental handicrafts, ethnic fashions, paraphernalia and assorted beautiful, fun and smelly things.

Gilbert Shelton Comics

Knockabout Comics have done a beautiful job repackaging these majestic, twisted and legendary underground comics featuring the world’s favourite stoners,

Drug Testing

Pee Tests, checking for traces of THC, Cocaine and Amphetamines – simple to use self-testing devices. One Step Amphetamines Test

Friendship Bracelets

Happy and colourful wristbands – beaded and woven, cotton, silk and leather – nice to give to a good pal,

Fortune Teller Fish

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish (25p) – Roll up, roll up! Attempt Divination in the palm of your hand! Place this


Rasta Leaf Cotton Bandana (£1.50) – 53 x 53 cm. Flaming Skulls Cotton Bandana (£1.50) – 54 x 54 cm.

Diffraction Specs

Explode every source of light – fill your vision with astonishing fractal swirls and rainbow shimmers! Diffraction Specs (£1 or

. . . Just a handful of the extraordinary variety of products we sell. Updated pages, details and pictures appear on here every few days, so please keep checking back for more, with the latest news and photos featuring on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

With a touch of love and peace, we have long served Norwich as a Community Hub, a great place to pick up information on upcoming events and local businesses and charities.

People do say such lovely things about our Head . . .

“Gorgeousness takes over your soul the very second you enter the shop”

“Fabulous treasure of a shop. So many lovely clothes, bedspreads, accessories and more.”

“Had the good fortune to visit your shop last week on my first ever shopping trip to Norwich.
Best headshop I’ve been in by far. I will be back!!”

“Been shopping in Head in the clouds for 35 yrs….
Beautiful clothes… Beautiful people…. Beautiful Shop”

“Wonderful, wonderful place… go there, do…”

Thank you, dear customers, for all your super feedback. Much love and peace to you all.

Put your head in the Clouds . . .

“There’s just colour everywhere!”

Within the Clothes Cavern of Head in the Clouds, we offer a rich, exciting and colourful mix of cross-cultural, boho clothing, including many Fair Trade items, generous sizes, and SALE baskets offering beautiful bargains all year round.

Gorgeous ethnic casual clothing

You can only see our full range in store, but you’ll see a few glimpses on our Instagram and Facebook pages, and have a look at our Mannequin Gallery for many lovely shots of our dear Maud, Flossie and Gertrude dressed in the best Head in the Clouds has to offer!

Page last updated: 5/4/2020